About Me

I love romance novels. Whenever I need a break from life (i.e., work, husband, kids, people in general), I read. While regency romances are my primary obsession, I’ll never pass up a hot Navy Seal, an overbearing Scotsman or shape shifting feline. I’ve always got two or three books going–one on the treadmill, another by my bed and occasionally a third sequestered in my office so I can indulge during my lunch break.

When my kids were young, I found reading an easy way to get some “me” time. There’s no prep work, no clean up…it’s a relatively cheap hobby and I can do it anywhere–doctor’s office, soccer field (during warm-ups, not during the game!), and at four in the morning when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep.

Then I decided that writing a novel sounded like fun. I could do it anywhere, right? So I’d grab a notebook and would shoehorn it in among band practices and PTA meetings, work and the occasional date with my husband. Easy peazy.

In no time, reality smacked me in the face like a rake’s dueling glove. Writing was work! It took me about seven years to finish a manuscript, find a publisher, go through all the contract, edit, cover art negotiations and finally get to print.

But I’ll tell you, getting a copy of your book–with your name, your words, your copyright symbol, is indescribably exciting. I’m so glad I did it.

Now I can get back to weeding the garden, pushing the vacuum cleaner and maybe even watching television again (is Entourage still on??).

I’m sure that will get boring fairly quickly and I’ll start another book. I’ve already got an idea…

Alleigh Burrows qualified for the Published Author Network (PAN) designation with the Romance Writer’s of America in September 2015.

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