Alleigh Burrows writes romance novels that are
smart, sweet, with a satisfying dose of heat.


Catching a Pixie is a contemporary romance novel.

Lindsay, a graduate student at Roselle University in Delaware doesn’t have time for romance. But when she’s stopped for speeding by a handsome NY state trooper–with an adorable dimple–she decides to make time.

Too bad he lives four hours away–with obligations of his own. Not to mention, he’s already been burned once by a long-distance relationship.

Is their attraction strong enough to go the distance?

This novel is temporarily unavailable.
Please check back soon for updates.


Cover of Dare to Love. Lord Landis and Nivea kissing

Dare to Love is an historical regency romance novel.

The only tangible benefit Dare Landis has of finally claiming the title of Marquis of Raynsforth will be that the current marquis has finally gone to the Devil where he belongs.

Until then, Lord Landis will continue to enjoy life on his own terms…as a heartless rake who’s beholden to no one.
Nivea Horsham knows there’s more to Dare than he reveals to the world. She’s loved him since her older brother brought his ridiculously handsome friend home from school all those years ago. 

Can Nivea shatter Dare’s carefully crafted facade and show him how to love?

DARE TO LOVE is available through:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play


Rating: 5 out of 5.


“CATCHING A PIXIE is extremely well written, with likable, layered characters who happen to be wonderfully human. This author has an incredible sense of humor, which shines through in the dialogue. “

Amazon Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.


A wonderfully romantic, sweetly emotional historical romance, Dare to Love was a brilliant read that I absolutely loved. I expected a standard rake/wallflower romance…but it turned out to be more and I really enjoyed it.

Goodreads Review

Next Up

Counting on Him: Book 2 in the Roselle series

Gabby has had a crush on her best friend Lindsay’s brother for years. She could never resist Sean’s cute smile, wavy brown hair or gorgeous green eyes. But since he’s considered the charming screw-up in the family, with no prospects for the future, she’s never acted upon it.

That changes the night of Lindsay’s wedding. Sparks and clothing fly. And while the evening turns out even better than Gabby had hoped, there are unfortunate consequences.

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