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Daisy Banks, a fellow Lyrical author, has published the second in her three-book series called “Timeless.” I invited her to share information about her latest work.

Thank you so much for hosting me, Alleigh, and helping me celebrate the release of my new book To Eternity.

This book follows Magnus and Sian, whom you may have met in my first book, Timeless.  I hope those of you meeting them for the first time in To Eternity will be inspired to read my first book to learn more about their past .

I am presently in the process of writing Out of Time, Book Three in the series and hope to complete it this year.

Daisy Banks cover To EternityTo Eternity-wild beneath the moon- Book Two in the Timeless Series.


For four centuries Magnus has lived according to the dictates of the moon, his heart isolated by the domination of his wolf nature. Now fate has brought the beautiful, independent Sian to his house at Darnwell and their irresistible attraction has exploded into a white-hot passion. Yet she is not wolf, and the time has come for her to embrace the change. But once she completes the ritual and claims her place next to Magnus, the rivals will appear on the horizon…


One element in both Timeless and To Eternity that I enjoyed writing about was Magnus and Sian’s magnificent house. Their interest in antiques and architecture, the work they share in planning restoration, and the walled garden interested me a great deal.

I hope you enjoy this short excerpt:

Each dawn, as the shoot-day approached, he dwelt on the need to find another place to spend his time during the days when the whole camera team, the musicians, dancers, sound crew, and all the many others she’d explained would be necessary for the film, came to the house. The prospect of so many disturbed his equilibrium. He’d not invited so many strangers into his home for more years than he cared to think about. Though he did his best to disguise his apprehension, without a doubt, Sian knew.

“Magnus, it will be fine. You can come to watch the filming if you want. Think of the event as if it were a step back through your vacation pictures. I promise the costumes will bring back happy memories.”

He shook his head. “Thank you for the thought, but no, I’d rather not. Perhaps I’ll spend the day researching decoration for the renovation of the conservatory.”

“If you’re sure. I’ll keep the crew to the schedule. Everyone will be out of the house and off the grounds by six-thirty, no later, I promise. That way we can have dinner and the evening together.” She offered him a smile filled with confidence.

“Wonderful, I’ll look forward to dining with you.”

“Hmm…” She stared at the letter she’d opened. “Here’s some information you might want to look at, too.”

He accepted the papers. “Green Girls?”

“Yes, in answer to my advert regarding the walled garden. It won’t put itself to rights, and as much as I enjoy looking at it, I don’t think we’ll resurrect it alone. In my opinion, we need specialist help. I like the look of this group.”

He assessed the business card, professional enough to be encouraging. Opening the sales literature, he gave it a quick glance. “Every employee is a descendant of a Land Army girl?”

“Yes, it’s their advertising gimmick. They all had relatives in the Land Army in the war. You must know of the Land Army.”

He nodded. A wave of helpless adoration hit him at this new example of her happy knack of finding his weak spots. If she’d been a tigress in another life, he’d not be surprised, because Sian sank her claws into him with loving relish, tearing into his open heart. “Yes, I have recollections of the Land Army, my dear. I was quite active during wartime. It was easier.”

Thanks for reading,

Daisy Banks

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